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Hey bella! you got a point! So here goes...

Well, work is the same hell as always. I mean, really, does hell change?LOL! I can't wait to quit this job!

School has been okay. It's been keeping me pretty busy lately! What with midterms and papers to type up. Come on Christmas! I need a break!

I am actually excited because I got this info packet about the U of PA's Med School's open house! I may try to go to that!

How have you guys been lately?

BTW, in 7 days I finally be seeing 311 in concert after 2 months! Withdrawal sucks! LOL!

Hey Lauren, I thought I'd let you know that GC is having this free concert in D.C. for a local radio station! I hope to get tickets so that I can see the twins, haven't talked to those fools in awhile!LOL!
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