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It's a CRO INVASION! [entries|friends|calendar]

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Reunion, YEAH!!!! [11 Dec 2003|10:40am]

Yeah, I am so glad we are going to have another one. Waiting for my invite!

Hey Bella, did you get my email?
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[10 Dec 2003|09:47pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

How is everyone? I know, this is a very busy time of year & it's difficult to carve time out of schedules to post, which is why Ice & I have decided to organize another reunion! We will be sending out invitations soon, so be looking for them, they will incluse all the information, just just as a heads up, we are shooting for the 19th. Just post here if you have any questions! I look forward to seeing everyone there! -Bella

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Life... [30 Oct 2003|12:54pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey bella! you got a point! So here goes...

Well, work is the same hell as always. I mean, really, does hell change?LOL! I can't wait to quit this job!

School has been okay. It's been keeping me pretty busy lately! What with midterms and papers to type up. Come on Christmas! I need a break!

I am actually excited because I got this info packet about the U of PA's Med School's open house! I may try to go to that!

How have you guys been lately?

BTW, in 7 days I finally be seeing 311 in concert after 2 months! Withdrawal sucks! LOL!

Hey Lauren, I thought I'd let you know that GC is having this free concert in D.C. for a local radio station! I hope to get tickets so that I can see the twins, haven't talked to those fools in awhile!LOL!

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[29 Oct 2003|01:34pm]

[ mood | drained ]

What's up CRO's? We've got to get this place hoppin! So, tell me, how's work/school going?

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I have arrived! [23 Oct 2003|12:49pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

So, I finally figured out how to post! So I have officially arrived. It's amazing what you learn when you go to help and actually read! LOL!!!

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[22 Oct 2003|09:47pm]

I am here now ...

You have all been warned :p
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[22 Oct 2003|07:13pm]

[ mood | content ]

I've made this a closed community, only so we could keep up with all the members. It's not hard to join, just reply & tell me you want to be added & *POOF* I'll add you. You will be sent a message & when you reply you'll be added. As of right now the only members are myself & Diana, but a few of you should have recieved that message I mentioned earlier. If you have any questions about how communities work I'll be happy to ask them, or you can check out the FAQ section. Well, I'm watching Smallville right now so I'm going to go, talk to you guys later!

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Welcome!! [20 Oct 2003|11:03pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Yay! I am so excited to present CRO, LJ Style! So, lets get this party started, shall we?! Keep in mind I am playing around with a few different styles rights now, so if it look a little freaky... well then, you'll probobly like it now won't ya?!

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