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Yay! I am so excited to present CRO, LJ Style! So, lets get this party started, shall we?! Keep in mind I am playing around with a few different styles rights now, so if it look a little freaky... well then, you'll probobly like it now won't ya?!
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like the layout and style :)

Blondie -- that brings me pleasant memories. I remember my parents listening to that song when I was little, LOL.

Jorge! Hey! Are you going to start a journal?
Hell Yeah!!!
Awesome job, Bella!
Alright, I hate asking so many questions, but how in the world do i leave an entry in the crcommunity?
This is strange, I just got the e-mail message telling me about this comment, or else I would have replied earlier. Anyways, I'm glad to see you got it figured out.